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After completing the half-marathon in May 2012 I decided to take my training one step further, however weeks and weeks of training did not pay off as I ended up over-training.  I was diagnosed with a minor meniscus-tear and arthritic knee. With excessive amounts of cardio-exercises done on a daily basis, I found it increasingly difficult to even walk up and down the stairs.  The pain was excruciating and my training was put to a stop.  With my head down, I walked out in shame and disappointment.  The beginning of September was a new start for me.  After taking a new full-time position as a research assistant at Vancouver General Hospital, time was a conflicting issue.  However, there are always two sides to life.  As a personal trainer, the greatest feeling of joy derives from the minute I started training my clients.  One way or another, clocking in 8-12 hours of work daily I would walk out exhausted.  Since I could not keep with my training schedule, my weight has shot back up as I started eating pounds of sugar goodies and processed food.  This is a photo of what I look like in October 24st, 2012.

When fatness strikes again!

When fatness strikes again!

This is where I begin again!

This is where I begin again!

This is why I put Project Eagle into action.   Two months into my training program, I was back on track. Up till this point, no longer am I bounded by distress and exhaustion, but instead they are replaced by joy and excitement.  This is my second transformation.  Rilifit is about continuity, livelihood, growth.  2013 will be an exhilarating year.  Just exactly how far can I take my transformation to? Let the battle commence as I look forward to my challenges for the upcoming year.

First entry: Jan 1st, 2013

2 months into my 2nd transformation

2 months into my 2nd transformation

I am ready for more!

I am ready for more!

2 months into my well-crafted training program, I am back to where I was! Once gain, I have regained motivation, commitment and confidence.  2013, HERE I COME, THIS IS WHERE IT BEGINS~

-Richie Li


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  1. Orchid says:

    Wow! you are gonna inspire many more to keep fit!

    • Richie Li says:

      Great Orchid. Please incorporate exercising into your daily schedule. You will come to love it. Join the Rilifit movement!

      Please subscribe and follow via email

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