FLaming HOT

Storming the streets of Hong Kong with my vest and shorts is undoubtedly a great feeling.  As much as I love to ‘conquer’, running in high intensity is quite a challenge.  35 Degrees today, with my body burning in the sun, all I can think about is soothing my throat with a cold drink.  There is grand selection of drinks in the convenient store.  Now the question is, what do I pick to drink?

Dominate this in the heat!


Water is the ultimate choice.  With our body composing 60 to 70% of water, we should be re-hydrating every 20 minutes when we are exercising.  With your training regime intact, you should always prepare at least a 375ml bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Sweating helps us remove toxins from our lymphatic system, which has a primary role of reinforcing our body’s immune system.  In collaboration, water enhances the process of toxin removal.  This is a perfect integration!

Other Options??

Hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic are three different types of drinks that fulfill varying needs of the body.  It largely depends on the type of exercise(s) in action.  In essence, the three contains varying levels of potassium, sodium, carbohydrates and minerals.

Isotonic Drinks

Drinks that essentially contain glucose and added vitamins, helping in:

1) Rapid hydration

2) Energy Boost

3) Cramp Prevention

4) Improve stamina

Example: Gatorade, Powerade

Suitable for mid and long distance runners and other team sports


Hypotonic Drinks

Drinks that contain higher concentrations of water helps us:

1) Rapid Re-hydration

2) Refuel our system

3) Replemish minerals and electrolytes

Example: Slanzanger S1

Suitable for medium-high intensity exercises

Hypertonic Drinks

Drinks that contain higher concentrations of carbohydrates/sugar and electrolytes helps us:

1)Refuel muscles (Fast absorption)

2)Reduce cramps

3)Restore minerals and salts

Example: Fruit juice, concentrated juice

If you are endurance athlete, this is a perfect choice due to the time-release nature of fuel

What to avoid

Based on my observation, a number of people go directly for drinks with good taste and sparkling effect upon finishing their work out.  However, it is very important to acknowledge the long term effect of consuming these products as a post work out drink.  Rilifit emphasizes only seeing LONG TERM results and never disregard both the short and long term effects of consumption.



3)Beverages (Latte, Yakult)


Hope this blog posts can help you articulate the difference between different sports drinks.  While most of you are dancers, runners, gym-lovers, be sure to select the right product!


Fitness bank of knowledge and tips

Richie Li

Image courtesy to Globalpackgallery, Alibaba, Cardigans and Couture, Powerade



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