Pop, soft drinks and all?


As of 2013, soft drink companies have developed a reputable image across the globe. The fast food industry have swept the streets of US.  There is almost a McDonalds around every block. With obesity as an ongoing epidemic, are fast food companies to blamed. Or is it our responsibility to take active precautions when making food choices?


While most of us are ‘health cautious,’ we frequently make bad food and drink choices. On a day to day basis, we may have the habit of stepping onto the scale to monitor our weight lose and gain. With our ideal self-image anchored in our vision, many of us take extreme approaches. But the question, are we making avoiding the right food or drinks?


If dieting is difficult, start off by drinking less fizzy and sugary products. Cutting out carbonated beverages can effectively help us shed 5-7% of our weight. In addition, it’s ongoing benefits continue:


It reduces the chance of getting
high blood pressure
High blood sugar
High cholesterol
High water retention
High heart rate


As a result, we would be less/would have less
Difficulty breathing
Migraine headaches
Bloating issues
Upset stomach


Replacement drinks

Everything is difficult in the beginning, so why not try replacing sugary soft-drinks with diet sodas. With less sugar content, it will not trigger or at least reduce the rate of insulin-growth response. In other words, less fat is built with the switch.


Other Effective strategies
Try tapering – half your drink portion by half, tell yourself that drinking half a can of pop is enough! Must you drink a whole can?


Try switching – what about a fruit juice instead? Fresh orang juice may be high in fruit sugar but it is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for our immune system. A bit of sugar is fine, but the most important point to beware of is, what time and type.


Try tea/coffee – research shows that people who drinks 3 cups of coffee a day is less likely going to have heart diseases. Tea is rich in antioxidants, which are an essential component of heart health. With the benefits coming from both, I would probably choose tea than pop (personal opinion).


Try hydrating – especially in hot weather, we have the tendency to attracted to cold drinks like magnets. But my opinion, if we carry a 375ml cold water with us, we will always be hydrated. Thus, we will be less thirsty. Picture something cold, picture a glass of icy water soothing your throat. No harm done!

Richie Li


Your friendly life-coach, personal trainer


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