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Fellow readers, my name is Richie Li (Rwh.li) .  I am a 26-year-old sociology undergrad and fitness fanatic who has embarked on a one-man journey to seek out the most effective and ideal way for losing weight, improving exercise performance and building muscles.  Through my journey of exploration over the past years, I managed to come up with my own approaches.  While regular healthy diets play a crucial role in health and performance, it should be supplemented with aerobic and resistance training.  I disagree with the ‘caloric-restriction’ approach due to its simplistic nature.

My passion for fitness has landed me plains of wisdom, where I came up with solutions to my weight, skin and eye problem.  Maintaining a healthy diet and disciplined exercise program holds the key to unlocking the door to superior physiology. In light of which, I managed to dismantle the three biggest obstacles of my life by following the Rilifit Principal.  It is in my deepest interest to illuminate the public about the vitality of active-living.  Questions about fitness, struggling to lose weight, do not hesitate to ask me~ Any problem in life is an opportunity in disguise.

The three Kings

Three greatest problems in today’s world


My journey kick-started in 2007; I was an overweight individual weighted over 185 pounds.  During the time, I have engaged in gruesome battles against my massive appetite.  With commitment and dedication anchored to my vision, I was able to shed off 40 lbs in three months.  However, my journey did not stop at that point; I am constantly experimenting, searching out the meanest, quickest and fiercest ways to contend against my biggest enemy, I call him devil lard.

However, weight-loss is only round one.  The success of losing 40 pounds in the course of three months is a life-changing experience, propelling my drive to pursue harder, distant goals.  Since then, I have set off to a new journey, exploring ways to develop exceptional physique.   As years glimpsed by, I managed to come up with my ultimate formula, a 5-Week-Fat-Incineration-Program that is capable of improving your physique.  Unlike other approaches, the use of thermogenic products (fat burners) and performance enhancement supplements are unnecessary in my program.  The fusion of a well-executed exercise and diet plan is the ideal solution to physical and emotional health.  This was one of my greatest life changing experience.  Five weeks of hard work, lifetime of glory.


Eczema, also known Atopic Dermatitis, is a severe, relapsing, inflammatory skin disorder that causes major swelling, rashes, dryness, itchiness on the body.  This is one of the biggest obstacle standing in between my passion (exercising) and I.  I was born with this recessive condition and it has given me countless difficulties functioning like a normal person.

With my shockingly grotesque appearance (caused by swelling), I had trouble ingratiating into social groups.  I had trouble making friends during my elementary years and classmates despised me as they feared my condition.   Living under the curse of skin-itch and irritation, my performance at school and work were hugely influenced in a negative way.  I often had trouble concentrating in class.  As I matured, skin-irritation has even cost me several jobs.  I was either dismissed from my position due to incompetence or relieved on sick leaves.  From my perspective, my poor performance was an obvious cause from the skin condition.   Throughout the years, my family doctor has given me a number of referrals to consultations with the most prestigious specialists in Vancouver. Itchy, scaly skin irritated me to the point where I developed insomnia.  My wages from work streamed towards purchasing expensive ointments and creams, which in my opinion did nothing more than moisturizing.  While doing so, I was advised by my family doctor to stay away from certain foods and exercising.  The post-exercise effects triggered by the condition were unbearable.  The lack of nutritious diet had made my life ever more miserable as a food-fanatic.

Sickened by the effects of the disorder, I made the decision to retaliate and through trial-and-error and consultations with medical experts, I managed to come up with number of strategies against Eczema.  As of today, there is no fixed cure for Atopic Dermatitis,yet I found ways of preventing the relapse of the condition and the reduction of swelling, itch and irritation. Bear in that this is not a cure, they are solutions and strategies that I find helpful in minimizing the effects triggered by the condition that allows you to live a normal life.  Now I am willing to share with the community.  With the reduction suppressed, I am able to pursue my studies, work, exercise in peace.  At this point, I come to realize that the onset of Eczema relates to food and exercise.  I agree that ‘we are what we eat’ and the type of food that we choose to eat on a daily basis influences the way we live.  By the same token, living an active lifestyle (exercising) enriches our health by reinforcing our immune system.  In the fight against Eczema, the combination of balanced exercises and a proper diet are two complementary chess pieces.


Unbeknownst to many, Glaucoma is an eye degenerative disease and it goes by the nick name ‘Silent Thief.’  People who are unaware for condition have the potential of losing their eye sight simultaneously; the gradual increase of eye pressure causes the perpetuate growth of the eye-ball in size, exerting excessive tension over the optic nerve.  Much like a thief, slowly robbing your eye sight until it fully diminishes.  Its nickname is characterized by its ‘silent’ (no symptoms) nature.  Having undergone two surgeries, I was truly devastated.  With my academics in full swing, I felt completely hopeless at the time.  However, the spirit that I have developed through personal training bestowed the power of persistence.  I was able to go full throttle (taking my exams with one eyes) with my academics, all coming from the never give-up fighting spirit from resistance training.

In the pursuit of answers in life, one must learn to liberate himself from constraints.  Strengthen your mind by strengthening your body.  Be a winner, benefit from both intrinsic and extrinsic gains. My guidance along with your effort are two parts of a successful formula.  Join Rilifit~

-Richie Li

Sociologist, Fitness Fanatic & Visionary

Image credit – Potiki.com

  1. Minami says:

    I’m impressed how hard you have been working!

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