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Pop, soft drinks and all?


As of 2013, soft drink companies have developed a reputable image across the globe. The fast food industry have swept the streets of US.  There is almost a McDonalds around every block. With obesity as an ongoing epidemic, are fast food companies to blamed. Or is it our responsibility to take active precautions when making food choices?


While most of us are ‘health cautious,’ we frequently make bad food and drink choices. On a day to day basis, we may have the habit of stepping onto the scale to monitor our weight lose and gain. With our ideal self-image anchored in our vision, many of us take extreme approaches. But the question, are we making avoiding the right food or drinks?


If dieting is difficult, start off by drinking less fizzy and sugary products. Cutting out carbonated beverages can effectively help us shed 5-7% of our weight. In addition, it’s ongoing benefits continue:


It reduces the chance of getting
high blood pressure
High blood sugar
High cholesterol
High water retention
High heart rate


As a result, we would be less/would have less
Difficulty breathing
Migraine headaches
Bloating issues
Upset stomach


Replacement drinks

Everything is difficult in the beginning, so why not try replacing sugary soft-drinks with diet sodas. With less sugar content, it will not trigger or at least reduce the rate of insulin-growth response. In other words, less fat is built with the switch.


Other Effective strategies
Try tapering – half your drink portion by half, tell yourself that drinking half a can of pop is enough! Must you drink a whole can?


Try switching – what about a fruit juice instead? Fresh orang juice may be high in fruit sugar but it is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for our immune system. A bit of sugar is fine, but the most important point to beware of is, what time and type.


Try tea/coffee – research shows that people who drinks 3 cups of coffee a day is less likely going to have heart diseases. Tea is rich in antioxidants, which are an essential component of heart health. With the benefits coming from both, I would probably choose tea than pop (personal opinion).


Try hydrating – especially in hot weather, we have the tendency to attracted to cold drinks like magnets. But my opinion, if we carry a 375ml cold water with us, we will always be hydrated. Thus, we will be less thirsty. Picture something cold, picture a glass of icy water soothing your throat. No harm done!

Richie Li


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FLaming HOT

Storming the streets of Hong Kong with my vest and shorts is undoubtedly a great feeling.  As much as I love to ‘conquer’, running in high intensity is quite a challenge.  35 Degrees today, with my body burning in the sun, all I can think about is soothing my throat with a cold drink.  There is grand selection of drinks in the convenient store.  Now the question is, what do I pick to drink?

Dominate this in the heat!


Water is the ultimate choice.  With our body composing 60 to 70% of water, we should be re-hydrating every 20 minutes when we are exercising.  With your training regime intact, you should always prepare at least a 375ml bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Sweating helps us remove toxins from our lymphatic system, which has a primary role of reinforcing our body’s immune system.  In collaboration, water enhances the process of toxin removal.  This is a perfect integration!

Other Options??

Hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic are three different types of drinks that fulfill varying needs of the body.  It largely depends on the type of exercise(s) in action.  In essence, the three contains varying levels of potassium, sodium, carbohydrates and minerals.

Isotonic Drinks

Drinks that essentially contain glucose and added vitamins, helping in:

1) Rapid hydration

2) Energy Boost

3) Cramp Prevention

4) Improve stamina

Example: Gatorade, Powerade

Suitable for mid and long distance runners and other team sports


Hypotonic Drinks

Drinks that contain higher concentrations of water helps us:

1) Rapid Re-hydration

2) Refuel our system

3) Replemish minerals and electrolytes

Example: Slanzanger S1

Suitable for medium-high intensity exercises

Hypertonic Drinks

Drinks that contain higher concentrations of carbohydrates/sugar and electrolytes helps us:

1)Refuel muscles (Fast absorption)

2)Reduce cramps

3)Restore minerals and salts

Example: Fruit juice, concentrated juice

If you are endurance athlete, this is a perfect choice due to the time-release nature of fuel

What to avoid

Based on my observation, a number of people go directly for drinks with good taste and sparkling effect upon finishing their work out.  However, it is very important to acknowledge the long term effect of consuming these products as a post work out drink.  Rilifit emphasizes only seeing LONG TERM results and never disregard both the short and long term effects of consumption.



3)Beverages (Latte, Yakult)


Hope this blog posts can help you articulate the difference between different sports drinks.  While most of you are dancers, runners, gym-lovers, be sure to select the right product!


Fitness bank of knowledge and tips

Richie Li

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Rilifit Motivation

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Give up? Keep going?

Give up? Keep going?

Rilifit Motivation

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My decisions

My decisions


Who am I?

Well I guess it is not necessary to mention my name twice, but for the purpose of clarity, I guess it does not hurt to tell you that my name is Richie again.  Throughout the years of my life, even till today, I have always been a fan of food.  This includes a wide range of cuisines; nevertheless, I pretty much eat anything that is edible.  Since I am such a loyal fan of food, I was an overweight kid in the earlier years of life.  From McDonald’s, Wendy’s and all other kinds of fast food, you name it, I’d devour them all.  In the elementary school years in HK, health was a major concern in schools.  From what I can remember, physical education was on the agenda; even though, our exercises composed mostly of simple jogging, playing tag and sitting.  Since the exercise load was nevertheless not very intense, and with the amount I ate daily outweighing the exercises I did, I was a very chubby when I was young.  As a part of health program offered by the government of HK, it was mandatory for students to attend a yearly check –up where ‘health officials’ would measure BMI (body mass index) to give the students a precise idea of their fitness level (risk level).  I would receive the same comment every year, ‘Richie, I think it would be wise for you to lose some weight because your BMI clearly indicates that you are overweight.’  And I would respond by saying ‘yes I know’ as I glare deeply into their eyes.  When I was young, I was a big fan of sauce (gravy).  She would tell me to curtail the amount of sauce I use on my food.  But of course, I did not listen, which was the reason why I was consistently over weight in my childhood years.


And it was up till my teenage years when my level of food consumption drastically increased.  I guess I could say that I doubled everything I ate.  And I developed a keen interest in red meat, rice and pasta.  I am quite a stubborn person even till today, and a person that has met me more than a week would realize that I buy and eat the same food every week like I am following a schedule.  Well of course, I do get bored once in a while, but again the major purpose is just to fill the stomach.  Back to the story of teenage years, I studied at an international school in HK.  And I can say that I have been exposed to the luxury of tasting different cuisines because the cafeteria in my school sold a variety of food.  Every day the cafeteria would feature specials ranging from the phenomenal BBQ pork rice to Alfredo Pasta etc.  These specials would render on a daily basis.  However, the quality was a different story.  I do not think I am a picky person but sometimes the food did taste a little crap.  Anyways, with such a tremendous selection, my body went autopilot every day, making my food choices.

Hence, I could not escape from the food heaven, which further contributed to my weight problem.  However, it was about grade 8 when I immersed myself in the ‘exercise scene.’  I did play basketball, volleyball and soccer as I became more concern about my weight problem.  The health care program continued through my high school years.  After the contribution of my greater effort in exercising at school, my weight problem was under control.  Swelled with joy, I returned to the clinic with pride, hoping to dazzle the physician with my ‘improved body.’  But all that went to rest when she told me that I was still overweight according to the scale.

Approaching the ending years of high school, we had to take an exam called GSCE, which was an exam that is taken by students in England.  It was equivalent to the provincial exams that the Canadian students had to take to graduate from high school.  With less time on my hands, I was forced to give up my intensive exercising schedule for an intensive studying program.  And that was the time when my weight-gaining nightmare began.  Since I have never grown in height, my massive weight gain completely transformed my body, successfully molded me into an ‘Egg-plant.’  After the exam, my family and I immigrated to Vancouver in Canada.  Taking the precious memories of my childhood from Hong Kong, I had no option but to say good bye to my home land.  Leaving what I had behind, I was motivated to start my new life in Canada.  When I came to Canada, I was in grade 11, which meant that I had one more year in high school.  Since I was devastated by my poor academic performance back in Hong Kong, I constantly reminded myself that I had to make a drastic improvement in my academics.  As a matter of fact, I dedicated a huge amount of time to studying.  Because of this reason, the weight problem struck me once again.  I guess it was not until after my high school years when my weight problem became truly noticeable.  At the age of 20, I constantly looked at myself in the mirror and asked whether I was actually fat or just buff.  However, I never managed to come up with a conclusion because I was in deep denial.  I can say that I completely disregarded my weight problem at the time.

When it comes to doing functional exercises, I did give push-ups, squats and sit-ups a number of tries.  But with my low level of commitment, two weeks of these exercises were too much for me to handle.  At age 21, my weight has reached an all-time high, sitting at 185lbs.  People set different kinds of personal records, all kinds of breakthroughs and I managed to set one for my weight…what achievement.  In the same year, my friend introduced to dance.  Without a hint or clue of what I was doing, I still gave dancing try.  For the six months when I first tried dancing, getting my butt off the chair to move to the music was equivalent to suicide.

I was very aware that I was not as agile other dancers; hence, it affected the way how I looked on stage.  And it was 3-4 months after when I had my first opportunity to dance on stage because the TV network needed male background dancers.  So I took the opportunity as I thought that this would be a good way for me to learn more about dancing.  However, I could assure you that the choreographer was extremely worried about me because I looked a little ‘different’ when I danced.  So the show went on well regardless to my existence and for the first time I thought that I had to opportunity to see on television.  I still remember it was shortly after the show when my parents and friend called me on my cell phone and commented on the same thing.  ‘You were quite different from group, you looked fatter compared to the rest of the people.’  And my friend told me that her mother even said ‘OMG, look at the fat kid roll!’  I was not entirely convinced until I saw the video myself.  That was the day when I decided to ‘DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.’

Even though I was overweight, I was born quite active compared to other children.  I never had a moment where I could just sit and calm down.  I was granted the nicknamed of ‘the fat monkey,’ but in Chinese.  Anyways, with being active as one of my attributes, I was certain that I could exercise more intensively and durably in comparison to other people.  It was then when I devised my very own weight loss program, which marked the beginning of my journey in 2006…..


-Richie Li

Personal Trainer, sociologist, Artist & Visionary

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O no, Hardwork@~!~~

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Time to take action. Take control of your life~


‘No reason why I should slow down when my ticker is still ticking’ –


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‘Nothing is more powerful than idea whose time has come’ – Victor Hugo