Rili’s eleven motivational ‘be’s

‘We are born winners from day one,  do not ever think that you are not good enough.‘ – Richie Li

Question yourself deeply who you are trying to be.  Build your vision, then construct the path leading to the ultimate goal.

While Success comes with hard work, it is significant to:

Be driven, be motivated, devotion is the key to mastering one’s craft.

Be patient, be anticipated and acknowledge your achievements.  Take a second to self-reflect and sought new ways to improve your practice, mastering your craft.  What one says should not influence you as a person, but instead it should thrive as your motivation.  As a visionary, you are responsible protect your dream.  In order to reach success, you must never fail yourself.  Dismantle your own barriers in life, allowing yourself to realize your own potential.  The school of life is always open~

Be committed, be practical and be true to yourself.  You must identify your flaws in order to progress.  Habituation is a significant concept in life.  Take the initiative to change flawed-thinking, leading to rational actions.  Constantly educate and circumvent yourself with new ideas both as inspiration for yourself and others.  Never make excuses and Engage yourself in a mindset thinking that you are step closer to your goal.  This is crucial to maintaining your drive~

Be persistent, be strong, never be discouraged and be beaten to your knees by the cruel world.  The path to success requires more than hard work; focus (dwelling in the mindset) is a key factor.  As prestigious hip hop preacher, Eric Thomas, once said ‘pain is temporary, eventually it will subside, if by quitting however, it will last forever.’  Hence, there are greater rewards waiting ahead of you.  Master tolerance, concentration, persistence and anticipation. 

‘People learn from the most devastating struggles; therefore, it is your duty to find your way out.  As you learn overcome your barriers, you have endowed yourself the power to liberate from your prison.’ 

-Richie Li


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