Rilifit is a concept, a construct that embodies three primary principles: REBUILD, REVAMP and TRANSCEND .  I was able to identify my flaws and weaknesses through self-reflection.  From the data I collected from my focus groups, up to 85% of people suffer from the lack of motivation, achievement, goals causing major setbacks in their lives.  The birth of my functional model is a rescue and it has brought significant changes to my habits, endowing me the power to take full control of my life.  Ever find yourself lacking motivation? Drive? feeling lost in life? Witnessing vast number of people challenged by internal struggles, it is therefore my responsibility to share my story with the public.  Having built a strong vision, I was able to rebuild my image and internal self, dismantling barriers on my road to success as I transcend to the next level.

Even till today, I gravitate my long-term and short-term commitments based on this model.  It is in my best interest to share, educate and illuminate others in the community about what I did that led to such life-changes.   In addition, I wish to use this page an opportunity to raise the voice of other heroes.  From my perspective, the school of life is always open.  The sharing of your life-long, insightful experiences in conquering your fears and struggles would be a grand, meaningful contribution to others and I.



Rebuild your image – Create a visual impact

Revamp your life – Cultivate an optimal lifestyle

Transcend to a new level – Unleash your potential

What made you the person you are today? Be the hero of the week by posting your experiences on your stories, your inspiration page.  ‘Your stories are the words of wisdom and insight; the sharing of which perpetuates the growth of the community, connecting you, I and others.’ – Richie Li


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