Rili’s Five-Week-Fat-Incineration-Program

‘Hail fitness, realize your potentials and triumph over all weaknesses~’ -Richie Li

Choose your path, pursue your goal~

Weight-gaining was a great concern for me.  While I was self-cautious about my personal image, I was unable to resist the temptation for mouth-watering oriental cuisines.  Living by the image of ‘a bloated water-melon,’ life has been excruciatingly painful and devastating.  I once felt stigmatized by the label as a ‘short, overweight individual.’  My poor physique was a clear obstruction to my good health and sports performance.  Moreover, I lacked determination and confidence in life due to my body image.

After a trip back to Hong Kong in 2005 and upon receiving some pernicious comments about my body size and personal achievements, I was completely shattered.  After hours of self-reflection, I returned to Canada with a brand, new vision.  My aim was to lose up to 40 lbs from my initial weight 185 lbs.  Most importantly, I plan to use this opportunity to investigate what level of changes I can bring into my life with my new achievement. Much to my surprise, I learned to discipline myself in food-consumption (something I loved) and exercising.  I hated running, but now it has become one of my notable strengths.  I specialize in high intensity sprints and cross-country runs.  With a better understanding of body, I am able to feel my best everyday; thus, leading to great performances even in work and academics.  Dwelling in a positive psychological state, my social relations with family and friends drastically improved.  I have become highly optimistic as I ditched my pessimistic-self who was dull and constantly depressed.  Exercise and training are incorporated into my daily schedule because I realize the potential benefits.

However, the word ‘enough’ is never in my dictionary; I continued my journey of exploration until today.  Life is filled with struggles, difficulties and constraints; but by the same token, struggles and difficulties comes with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.  I want you all to search deeply and realize your potentials.  This life-changing experience brought dedication, commitment and anticipation to my life, which integrated as my major principles.  Decide for yourself ‘who you want to be as opposed to being told who you are as an individual.’  Realize your potential through my program.

Never lose hope. ARE YOU HUNGRY FOR CHANGE? SICK OF YOUR BELLY LUMP?  Fear no more, the Fat-slayer is here for the rescue

As a fitness enthusiast, I am a weight-losing specialist.  My personal experience of losing 40 pounds has given me sufficient grounds in constructing training programs that targets the specific goal of fat-destroying.  Along with my current knowledge of physiology, kinesiology and personal training experience, I managed to come up with a safe and effective 5-week-transformation program that tackles weight issues, poor physique and rebuild body composition.


Shed over 12-pounds of body weight

Destroy excess body fat

Develop superior body composition

Build a superior physique


Witness my 5-week transformation below

‘Who am I’ is an important question that constantly pops up in our minds.  I am convinced self-reflection is indispensable for self-improvement; however, ‘who you want to be’ should be the primary question.  Redefine yourself through your actions!

‘You can think of more than 50 reasons to run away, but you only need one reason to stay and carry on’ – Richie Li

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